Square PET bottles
6.Mexico City

Architecture Pavilion Proposal

Our intention was to forget about formal aspects of the skin of the pavilion, we were interested more in what could happen inside of that relatively small container (12.0 x 3.60 x 4.0 mts), in their surroundings and have a connection to it´s context.

Our idea was to create a versatile space, through various platforms made of square PET bottles that are sold in our country (Mexico). These bottles have already a format to be assembled to each other, and because of the air contained and the compression of the same bottles we would have a solid platform and this would allow us to walk on and sit without any problem.

With this system we could create unlimited configurations and thereby achieve different purposes, either from a small auditorium, creating different topographies for exhibitions, creating places where you could sit down, see expositions of different types that may arise and thus have a non static space.

We were not given a particular site, the requirement was that it had to be on an open and flat place, that is why we decided to play and imagine how you could use the pavilion in several contexts in the world.
We begin to generate the images in contrasting social contexts, culturally and climatically, from an art exhibition in England to a film screening in Australia and many more places.

Knowing that we would use PET bottles, we decided to put lighting on the boards that were between the bottles and create a diaphanous platform to illuminate the entire pavilion inside and so create a carpet of light at the same time and that could be seen from the outside.

Ubicuo Diseño + Deriva Colectivo
Project team: Ignacio Rodríguez and Alberto Hernández.
Competition organizer: Arhitekton Magazine