Camelot competition poster

To the responsible of Moco Loco,

At ARCHmedium we are happy to let you know about the new architecture competition for students that we’ve just launched under the name of “Camelot Reseach & Visitors Center” with the collaboration of the Architecture School of Barcelona (ETSAB), the UK Chartered Institute of Architectural Techologist and the London Roca Gallery.

We believe this event can be of great interest for your readers, and because of that we would like to ask for your collaboration in the task of promoting this new contest. A post about it will be great, or any link back to our page, mention in newsletters, etc. whatever you feel more comfortable with if you decide to help us will be welcomed.

By following the links below you’ll be able to read and download further information about the competition:

• Brief: http://es.archmedium.com/Concursos/CRVC/Descargas/CRVC_EN_Bases.pdf
• Posters: http://es.archmedium.com/Concursos/CRVC/Descargas/CRVC_Poster.jpg
• Trailer:http://youtu.be/cbFFO-pG2Gs
• Other information: http://en.archmedium.com/Concursos/CRVC/Downloads.php

We invite you to visit our web page www.archmedium.com. Thank you very much in advance and please feel free to contact us for any doubt or suggestion.


Nere Ibarlucea