To the responsible of mocoloco,

I am writing you to inform about the new students competition organized by ArchMedium. I really appreciate if you can make a publication of this information in your website.
Here I send you a short description of the competition. If you need anything else do not hesitate to ask.

Convenor: ArchMedium
Contest: BAAR – Buenos Aires high performance

Without a doubt, soccer is one of the most popular sports in the world. Fans from all over the globe meet regularly every time their teams play. On special occasions, such as the World Cup or other international competitions, life even seems to slow down to let the players shine during the game.

However, during the past decade, these talents have been forced to emigrate to other countries to push their skills as far as they can and compete professionally, taking with them part of the dream from the people of Argentina.

The call is public and open to all undergraduate students, both from Architecture as from related careers like Engineering, Urban Planning, Design, etc. Students must be able to prove, by any official document (enrolment papers, student card, etc.) that, when the registration period opens, they are studying. All graduate students, whose undergraduate degree is not older than 3 years, can also participate.
Participation can be individual or in group, with a maximum of six members per team allowed. Teams may consist of multidisciplinary members (artists, philosophers, photographers, etc.). Though not strictly necessary, we recommended the presence of at least one member connected with the world of architecture. Teams can have members of different nationalities and they don’t necessarily have to study in the same centre.

5.000€ in cash. Publication in architecture magazines. Exhibition at the Architecture School of Barcelona. Magazines subscriptions . Reviews in architecture webs and blogs.

Register: September 15, 2012
Submission deadline: September 30, 2012

Rules and more information: www.archmedium.com
Since regards,
Gastón Saboulard