Arkki 590 pendant in white
Arkki 590 pendant, side view
Arkki 1200 pendandt in white
Arkki 1200 pendant, side view
Designers concept sketch.
Arkki 590 ceiling lights in white
Arkki 590 ceiling lights with associated decorations shells

The name Arkki, Finnish for ark, derives from the fixtures ability to balance technique with soft shapes while resembling somewhat a craft or a capsule. The shapes are also an expression of a restrained and functional design tradition from my background in northern Sweden.

Each Arkki lamp is constructed from one single or two joined shells of pressed felt. The strong shells effectively support both light technology and recessed diffusers in acrylic with only a few parts. By working with a sound absorbing material and efficient light technology, a good acoustic- and light environment is ensured. For light source is both LED or fluorescent standard options.

The Arkki family consists of ceiling fixtures and pendants, with a direct or direct – indirect light distribution. Standard colors are black, grey and white but a variety of colors can be chosen as an option.

The lights are launched as one of the 2014 news of Blond Belysning, Sweden. www.blond.se