The grid style doors were inspired from vintage nautical hatch covers.
The oven and cooktop are operable only when the doors are in this open position
All appliances only use 120V power.

Armoire Mini-Kitchens

I hope you will review our mini-kitchen designs to see if they are an appropriate subject for your site.
The advantage of a complete kitchen that is hidden inside furniture is its ability to save space. Its unique feature over ALL other mini-kitchens is the patented and U.L. Listed safety feature that allows the ‘hot appliances to be concealed when they are not in use. Power is restored to the appliances only when the pocket doors are opened and stored in their pocket.
It seems to me that hiding the kitchen’s technical features inside furniture lets the room maintain whatever theme that is prevalent, from exposed logs to adobe walls.
If you need more info, just let me know.
The size shown starts at about $8000 complete.

Here is the link to our website’s article about this piece and you can copy the images as you like. http://www.yestertec.com/articles/innovative-simplicity-elegant-complete-kitchen-armoire

Thanks for your time and consideration!
David Beer, President
YesterTec Design Company

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