Featuring graffiti artist DOES
Featuring artist Nathan Ota
Featuring artist Maggie Taylor
Featuring artist Jerry Uelsmann
Morphik specially designed artwork box
Artwork box installed on wall for exhibition
Morphik specially designed bracelet box
Booklet that accompanies artwork with information about the artist and his/her images available at Morphik
Featuring Yellena James
Featuring Crash

MORPHIK is a new and novel art-to-wear concept. Inventing jewelry that combines both authentic artwork and rich, relevant fashion fabrications, the pieces present an innovative outlet for expression. The brainchild of enthusiast, Christopher O’Byrne, the goal of Morphik is to create a continual connection between individuals and contemporary art by delivering fashion accessories that bring original artwork to the forefront.

Morphik’s signature offering is a group of unisex bracelets featuring authentic images of interchangeable artworks. Printed on genuine fine art paper and placed under a scratch resistant cover these renderings are set securely inside stainless steel frames, which are then dropped and locked magnetically into the branded wristbands. Band options include a variety of luxury skins in stylish colors, including Patent Leather, Vintage Cow, Natural Python and more.

Recognizing that art is subjective, the interchangeable artwork selection spans classifications ranging from Painting to Graffiti, Photography to Street Art and more. A convenient build-a-band tool on the company website allows customers to mix and match bands and artworks before ultimately selecting a combination for purchase. Each bracelet arrives in a beautiful window-front box for display. The artwork comes in a separate box in which it locks onto a chrome pedestal. The box then transforms into a frame, which can be hung on the wall as a work of art.

Morphik’s global artist network is the result of years of contacting, cultivating and curating. It includes talent from Japan, China, the United States, France, Germany, Brazil and beyond. Each conveys an individual visual language that represents the diverse trends happening in contemporary art practice. Feature Morphik offerings include paintings by Nathan Ota, Graffiti from Risk, Street Art by Skount and Photography by MET exhibited photographer Jerry Uelsmann. Morphik works with each individual artist to ensure that the integrity and distinctive attributes of their original artwork are fully captured and delivered.

Doing its part to keep the enthusiasm alive, Morphik donates a percentage of profits to affiliate art organizations as selected by the artists themselves. “By buying a Morphik product, our customers help support and bring awareness to the benefits and vitality the arts have to offer people of all ages and backgrounds,” explains O’Byrne. A few choice charities with which Morphik is involved include “Make Something” www.makesomethingschool.com/info and Harmony Project www.harmony-project.org/.