Artifact steel cubes

We select stainless steel cutoffs scoured from the dark corners of our steel yard.The blocks are covered in a patina of paint that has been used to identify it through the production process. These markings have become part of the block’s personal history. We grind and polish some faces of the blocks and leave some faces untouched. The painted faces are artifacts of the block’s history to contemplate and interact with.

We then created an arm with a magnetic base and an Edison socket to give the user a positionable lamp arm that can be attached anywhere on the block. This makes the blocks interactive as the user decides how to display the block faces and lamp arm.

Each Artifact block is unique and hand worked solid stainless steel.

Cloth covered cord, inline dimmer, 40W half mirrored Edison bulb.

Lamp arm is 16″ overall. Block sizes vary. 3″-6″