Aster is a revolution for urban relaxation, designed for Neri. The classical bench belongs to the past. It belongs to “over rational” anthropometric rules. Today the way of seating has fully changed, therefore Aster is an informal and innovative way of living the city beyond being an object provided with high technology.

Aster is a urban lounger, comfortable and fitted with a wide range of accessories, it offers hospitality and revolutionary extras. It is equipped with an acoustic integrated system composed of four exciter speakers that allow the lounger to emit the music through its structure. Thanks to this system, dreamers can stare at the sky while listening to the music transmitted via Bluetooth from their smart phone, while finding a shelter under the glass cover. At the same time, nature lovers can listen to a reproduction of birds’ twitter during the day and of cicadas’ during the night, finding in a city square a place closer to nature and far from the colourless and noisy city.
Aster is equipped with an OLED lighting system placed on the cover and provided with motion sensors to welcome with light people approaching the bench. Furthermore Aster permits to control the lights depending on the desired activity: relaxing, working, chatting and reading. All of this is completed with a wi-fi connection, a must for being social in recent days.
Aster is a young and innovative object that furnishes the city. The concrete modules can be used also independently providing a composition of two loungers and a small table that match perfectly with the main product. The whole collection is the ultimate tool to decor the city by creating innovative and advanced landscape.
Aster is the representation of an object that becomes a place where to rest, connect, relax and….. kiss.