Agile and poised iPhone Stand for superior video and image capture.

The AT-ST Video Stand is a sturdy stand designed for the Apple iPhone 4 and 5. Among other things, it has a multi-jointed swing arm to allow you to position the iPhone at any height and angle.

Video capture becomes so much easier and faster with the AT-ST Video Stand, thanks to the variety of heights and angles you can achieve in a second or two of adjusting the swing-arm. With so much versatility, you’ll find that the AT-ST Video Stand will make a great tool for recording video, snapping photographs, scanning photos, live video conferencing and more. And, if you’re using your iPhone for a long period of time – say, flipping through it while you’re eating breakfast– AT-ST Video Stand makes a great support so you won’t have to constantly pick up or hold your phone. It’s almost like having an extra hand for your iPhone.