MOCO LOCO Submissions



Author: Submitter

Chalk Drawers by Nikolas Bentel

Moon shelving system by Chanel Kapitanj

NU:RO Watch by Anton & Irene

Ambiguous sculpture by Rob Ley

Hyggel chair by Gabriel Cuevas and Alan AguiƱaga

Illustrated light installation by Sjoerd Verbeek

All-In-One organizer by Matt and Josh Bender

Frames 2.5 rack/room divider by Gerard de Hoop

Stood lighting family by Lucid Design Agency

Cardboard Metropolis by Tobias Horrocks

WRECK, Regeneration Experiment of Wasted Daily-use Ceramics by Bentu Design

2x Table by Marcin Kropidlo

CATSSUP by Dennis Cheung

EDIT – a taste for sharing by lamatilde

Blanco folding sofa by Kunikazu Hamanishi

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