Autographer is the World’s First Intelligent Wearable Camera.

Autographer is a hands-free automatic camera that captures thousands of photographs a day using a specialised custom wide-angle lens, enabling the user to “see the unseen”.

Using five sensors and GPS, Autographer decides the perfect time to take a picture automatically by sensing changes of light, colour, motion and direction. It spontaneously captures moments and stories, unpredictable images that reveal a new way of seeing the users’ world.

Autographer can be worn in lots of different ways; clipping, hanging, tethering and in various combinations. A range of innovative accessories were designed for this purpose. We used materials and colours that created a cool contrast with the high-tech device. The Adjustable Lanyard features a clever system that allows one to change its length easily, whilst the Magnetic Tethers can be used in a multitude of ways to secure the Autographer to different types of clothing.

The final design is visually clean, the body relatively minimal, contrasted with the strong and identifiable Autographer Eye lens detail. To achieve this we used innovative plastics, precision metals and hidden displays. The accessories are a stylish compliment to the device with premium leathers and bright accent colours, but most importantly they enable the Autographer to be worn and used with ease.

From beginning to the end, we felt that the industrial design was at the heart of the development of the Autographer. CEO Nick Bolton provided insightful feedback making the process very collaborative, yet allowed us creative space to explore and design.