The Shade Designers

The Shade Designers are pleased to present a different decoration concept mixing luxury home design with affordable prices and the best quality products within the framework of energy efficiency. This concept is related to the kind of products you need to set in your home or among your patio furniture to reduce solar heat. Awnings, Shades and Blinds and Parasols are part of our extensive range of products which are manufactured using only the best suppliers in the industry.

When you visit www.theshadedesigners.com/ you are ready to live the experience of being a real Shade Designer, Why? Because you will view your order of purchase through our simulator which gives you a closer look at the reality of how that product will show in your home.

Styles, textures, colors and shades are at your disposal to show you how a simple decorating item can change the look of your place. All of this within a practical context given by our sections on How to Measure and How to Install where our little friend Freddy will help you with useful tips and instructions. Come on! Follow him! Freddy and our team are waiting for you in The Shade Designers online store!