B30° & B35° lamps group photoshoot

B30° / B35°
(Balance 30 degree / Balance 35 degree Lamp)
High-strength concrete, bulb socket and textile cable

Collaboration project by project group studio-ory (http://www.studio-ory.com)
Jin Sik Kim (info@studiojinsik.com | http://www.studiojinsik.com )
Yu Hun Kim (info@yuhunkim.com | http://www.yuhunkim.com )

This project begins with question about essential characteristic of materials. Our design direction is to ultimately reveal the essence of material: the gravity, mass and balance. When these elements harmonized in balance, familiar and ordinary things could inspire us in a new way. B (Balance) lamp series suggests various positions of light to users depending on a space and use. The bottoms of polygon shaped bases, made of concrete, have certain angles (30° / 35°) to create right balance in different positions of the lamp (image 001, 002). The angles were adjusted in balance on the basis of the weight of material, so that create the stable form and proportion (image 008~012). Additionally, B35° Lamp can be displayed for various moods in a space, with modular arrangements such as circular or bridge layout (image 004, 005).
The collection of B lamp series made of the most fundamental materials in modern architecture: concrete and wood. B lamp series will create harmonious atmosphere with light in diverse interior spaces and the essential properties of materials are translated into a new language of function.

In making process, different thickness and forms have been tested to find the best proportion of concrete mixture for the proper strength using high performance raw concrete(image 018, 021). For the color variations, three different color pigments: red, yellow and black were mixed with concrete mortar in various proportions. By adding colors into concrete collections, it becomes new spatial meaning that the material holds its original texture and weight, but the industrial mood changes to warm and bright elements for indoor uses.
The texture of wood grain is naturally occurred from the making process that reveals its original material: wood form (image 020). The solid concrete form came out of the fluid condition retains the texture of wood from the moulds, so that gives more natural quality on our concrete collections.