Balance II

The prototype is the result of a cooperation between two research projects at the Industrial Design Center: Design to Connect and the NOA project (New OLED applications)
The case is used to explore the implementation of the OLED technology in products.
The prototype of the balance will be presented @ Light and Building in Frankfurt.

Balancing on the edge of the table the luminaire draws attention due to its optical illusion. The weight of the battery and the electronics at the base of the object moves the center of gravity under the table’s edge and keeps it from falling. The fine aluminum supporting structure carries the acrylate embraced OLED and in this way the subtle design emphasizes the thin OLED panel.
Positioned in the docking station it works as a table-top luminaire while the center pointed power supply makes it possible to turn the object 360°.
The balance of forces produces equilibrium.

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IDC lighting (NOA-project): http://www.industrialdesigncenter.be/lighting/
IDC Design to Connect: http://www.industrialdesigncenter.be/engineering
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IDC Design team: Tore Bleuzé, Ralph Nafzger, Dieter Dekyzer
Photos: Pieter Michiels