With BAMBÚ, designed by Santiago Sevillano, MANTRA wishes to expand its Indoor/Outdoor lighting line. BAMBÚ presents a series of fresh and original elements that, due to its pleasant oriental-inspired shapes, will become part of your outdoor installation, your terrace, and even your home interior, since in addition to its white polipropilene finishing, designed for indoor/outdoor lighting, it also comes in other colourful finishings, made out of resin, designed for indoor use. It comes in two sizes: a smaller, more versatile one, which can be used as a plant pot, stool, side table, pendant lamp and even champagne bucket, and a bigger one which is presented only as a plant pot. The resin models come in white, black and red gloss finishings, while the white polipropilene models are ready to house energy-saving lights (E27) and RGB LED’s (E27), which allow for huge color customization and for its outdoor use, since they are all IP65 tested