Banana Graffiti blossom
Banana Graffiti Candy
Banana Graffiti Chanel
Banana Graffiti First
Banana Graffiti Flamingos
Banana Graffiti Flamingos
Banana Graffiti Pattern1
Banana Graffiti words
Banana Graffiti Waves

Dear Moco Loco,
I would love to share this new art project with you!
Hope you like it!

This is Marta

Italian, one dimple on her right cheek, allergic to dust.
She loves exploring, cycling and reading magazines backwards.
She lives and works as an art director and illustrator in Hong Kong.
Visionary, original and curious, she likes to tell wonderful stories.
She also tries to do something outside communication.
Without success.

The concept is very simple:


I customize my banana during the night. I have my banana for breakfast the day after. this is a temporary space and love to prove that inspiration is everywhere.’ says designer marta grossi.

#BANANAGRAFFITI on instagram

tools >> | black marker | colored pencils | colored marker | ? a lot of bananas | a lot of other stuff


Have a look on this link, to see the full project, I’m updating new images almost every day:


you can also see my complete portfolio here:


here my facebook