Banquinho as a bedside table with light turned on
The author’s parents using the original bench in its previous function

A not so common lamp / bedside table with a nostalgic and cultural background, Banquinho is the “first born” of Cláudia Rolim’s interest in transforming traditional objects normally found gathering dust, giving them a more contemporary look and function, without destroying its original character. The name translates into an endearing way to refer to a small stool or bench in Portuguese. The designer’s choice for this particular wooden bench as the first piece was related to its strong impact in her childhood, with an emotional connection, an object that grew up with her but over the years got too small. It’s the kind of object you could find in any countryside house in the good old days, people would sit on it while knitting or polishing their shoes. “My grandmother had one at her house and it was where I’d like to sit because other stools wouldn’t let my feet reach the ground”. Years later its original use stopped making sense, so she decided to give him a new use by adding a light installation, turning it into a perfect reading companion, right before bedtime. Banquinho is a repurposed eco-friendly object that uses an energy saving bulb and supports small local stores.