Barlow Table
Barlow Table
Barlow Table Joinery Detail
Barlow Table with Hybrid Chairs

Barlow Table

Reclaimed Jarrah, Vic. Ash
1750 x 1000 x 730mm

Barlow table was part of a commission for an international client, which also included a coffee table and set of chairs. All of the furniture was to be placed in the dining room in close proximity. The brief therefore included a request for each piece to reference the other pieces in a subtle way. The room was also rather compact (the client lives in Japan), so the dimensions of all the pieces were considered carefully.

Barlow Table is a trestle style table, enabling seating all the way around, including the corners. The 2 posts are supported by 2 angled beams, referencing the “stick” struts in the chairs. This theme is further developed and abstracted in the table top with contrasting “stick” inlays placed at random angles. Like the other pieces in the commission, it is graphically geometric in form, and quirky in nature.