the bottom side of the skateboard shows its origins as a wine barrel through the lines of rust left behind from the barrels metal rings.
The pattern on the skateboard deck incorporates symbols from the wine world with the subversive skateboard world.
the designer (einat kirschner) opening a wine barrel- the first step in the process.
The open wine barrel reveals a beautiful wine color on the staves. the color inside the barrel differs from barrel to barrel depending on the wine stored inside it.
after the shape of the skateboard is made, holes are drilled in order to attach the wheels.

“I once was a (wine) barrel”
The vision behind my design was to give wine enthusiasts, who have a flair for the extreme, a new way to get around the city.
This skateboard was designed using an old wine barrel donated by the Golan Heights winery for a collaboration project with the Holon Institute of Technology where I study Industrial design.
The design uses the deep burgundy coloring resulting from the adsorption of wine to the barrel’s inner surface in order to make a new aesthetics.
A pattern was created on the skateboard deck using an innovative technology that removes the wine staining at the required areas.
Working with professional skateboarders, I created a skateboard that not only kept true to the shape and feel of the wine barrel but is also functional as a fun means of transportation.