With the keywords: Minimalism, the project is to create an living unit (set) of which the size should within 0,7 qm3. The product I create called Basic Minimal. Rather than a product, I’d call it an experience. An experience of try to erase the cognitive boundary of the furniture. An experience of minimalism pursuit.

? EMBRYO. 5m x 1m felt piece the product, cannot be any simpler, but yet through different ways of folding, it can be a chair, a bed or even something around you comfortably but can’t be defined. It’s like an embryo, so simple, but it contains so much possibilities.

? FLAT. A flat, 75 cm over the floor is a tale. However when it shrink to 45 cm, it becomes a chair. A 2m x 1m flat stand vertical from the floor is a wall, but when it floats over the floor, it becomes a bed. So interestingly, furnitures are actually flat and volume with the proper dimension and position in the space. What’s the boundary between furnitures? Imagine when a flat starts from the floor jump up in the air keep flying for a while, and suddenly circles around you and then it falls down to the floor. How would you define this object? A wall? A chair or a carpet? Undefined basic aims at breaking our cognitive boundary of the furnitures.

? CONCENTRATION. I found out Minimalism is basically an atitude of concentration on what I have and what I am doing in order to get maximum simplicity and efficiency. Distraction comes alone with the words multiple. Multiple tast, multiple choices….So I believe the short cut to minimalism is to kill the multiple in to solo. Undefined basic is designed under this principle. Although it’s got so many possibilities, it can be only thing at a time. If you choose it to be a chair, the other functional options are then closed. This is it’s way to demonstrate the understanding and believe of the minimalism.