A guiltless choice of action...bin the "reservation" item left on the seat
item left on seat as a way to reserve the seat
the open allows you to sweep it into the basket below without any guilt!
you are not the only one
overview of a typical chair modified with this Basket idea

Seats in food courts and hawker centers in Singapore have always been on a first come first sit basis. Be physically on the chair and the seat is yours. Of late, tissue packs have been left on the seats as an un-spoken “this seat is taken!” as a way to reserve the seat whilst queuing up to buy food…

Basket! Chair is a translation of this behaviour into a choice of action. A typical chair found in the food venues is modified with an opening on the seat and a basket-like contraption below. Users can choose to “bin” these items left on the chair and occupy it without any guilt. Of course the owners of these binned items can still retrieve them from the basket if they still want to…

The design of the Basket! Chair structure is also inspired by my fond memories of the bird cages hanging outside the old coffeeshops in Singapore when I was so much younger, but a rare sight nowadays.