Bat Trang Tableware overview

During his visits to Vietnam, Brekveld visited several ceramic companies. Each of these companies had its own area of expertise. ‘The company we ended up working with was specialized in the use of colored clay. I began to combine the matte clay colors with shiny glazing colors, which yielded spectacular results’. In the ‘Batrang vases’ series, the initial color combinations were visible. For the new Batrang tableware, the coloring process started from scratch. ‘Tableware requires a different approach when it comes to the use of colors. Ultimately, the colors turned out to be softer, they whisper more’. It is easy to combine the separate pieces. The dishes underneath the bowls were given a round ring, to improve the position of the bowls. These rings have been accentuated with a support color, which not only makes them practical, but also adds a beautiful detail.