First came fire. Then grilling.

No wonder that barbecuing and cooking hold such fascination for human beings and for men in particular.

“We wanted to not only barbecue outdoors but to also bring the entire process starting from food preparation down to the actual food consumption outside, extending the enjoyment and fun of cooking and barbecuing.

The archaic-looking design of bbqube looks a little like the kitchen in its original form: a single unit measuring 180 x 70 x 27 cm, resting on two three-legged trestles made of solid wood. The Outdoor Kitchen is composed of various materials and surfaces. The kitchen unit is available in two different material versions: graphite brown limestone or stainless steel with a matte black finish. The frame is composed of specially-treated oiled solid wood (ash) which is thus made weather-resistant; a breathable weatherproof winter protective cover is also available.

„With just a BBQ outside on the patio I find it a nuisance to keep having to go inside to prepare the rest of the food. Sustainability was also key for me – for example, the wooden supports are made of heat treated locally-grown timber rather than from imported tropical wood.“