3D Model of Beehive by Graham Roebeck- Landscape
3D Model of Beehive y Graham Roebeck- Portrait
Photo by Sam McCabe- Beehive Rear 3-4
Photo by Sam McCabe- Beehive Front 3-4
Photo by Sam McCabe- Beehive Side
Photo by Sam McCabe- Beehive Front 3-4
Beehiveassembly credit David Trubridge

Beehive explores the theme of today’s highly portable art and media –interpreted through the analogy of sculpture as frozen music. The form is that of a guitar pick (media source) and a gourd (media vessel) that by sheer size and mass are rendered…frozen.

Graham Roebeck’s ‘Beehive’ was judged the winner of the inaugural 2011 Formica Formations competition, by the Laminex Group and was realised by acclaimed designer David Trubridge. Roebeck is an architectural consultant in Queenstown. New Zealand.

Beehive has beeswax polish to the edges, and uses Warm White Formica high pressure laminate to the vertical faces and is constructed from ‘Lakepine Zero’ low emitting MDF.

In 2008 Formica commissioned 10 of the world’s most influential architects to design sculptural pieces to be auctioned for the Cincinnatti Contemporary Arts Center. The collections is entitled Form: Architects at Play. The brief was to design pieces to allow people to sit, lie, lean or play upon. The Laminex Group brought the collection to New Zealand for the Auckland Arts Festival in March 2011.

The collection is Described by New York gallery owner Max Protetch as comprising museum worthy forms to domestic showpieces. The contributing architects were Peter Eisenmann, Michael Graves, Zaha Hadid, Thom Mayne, Bill Pedersen, Laurinda Spear, Bernard Tshumi, Jaime Velez, Massimo Vignelli and Buzz Yudell. Christies Fine Arts Division sold nine pieces at auction raising $425,000.