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Beer Switch beer bar by Ryu Suzuki

A beer bar, Beer Switch is located in a residential area of Kawasaki, Japan. Considering the characteristics of area, we were concerned about attracting customers. Despite the challenging location, we have decided to work on making Beer Switch a place to connect people living there.

What we have created for the bar to promote the interaction between people is a mud-plastered wall with real two-rowed barley seeds.

Today, there are various kinds of plastic walls. These walls, however, tend to give the same impressions to those who do not have architectural knowledge. Mud-plastered wall is made by only natural ingredients such as mud, straw, sand, and water. Because the materials are all natural, the texture and color of walls change as time goes by and they make the shop unique. We have also used two-rowed barley seeds which are the ingredients of beer. Two-rowed barley is also natural material, so when we put them on the wall before it dries completely, some of them actually started sprouting a little and made some cracks on the wall. We placed this unique wall behind the counter so that it can entertain those who sit at the counter. We hope the natural mud-plastered wall with seeds and cracks bring some interactions between people and lead to vitalizing the community.

Project: Beer Bar “Beer Switch” Place: Kawasaki, Japan Area: 32.56sqm Completion: June 2017











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