Bees & Honey. Marble honey comb detail
edge detail with hanging metal storage box with shelf
Bees & Honey
Bees & Honey
Bees & Honey

Why Not Bespoke Is the first limited edition series from British born designer Christopher Roy which will be launched @ ICFF may 19th through the 22nd. The driving force behind the series was a contemporary interpretation of traditional Amish design & craft notions. The pieces combine time honored craft techniques with a new way of looking at traditional forms and functions, resulting in cutting edge pieces which further blurs the boundaries between Art and Design.

The woodwork was done by an Amish Community in Ohio, and the pieces are supposed to highlight the process and ability of the craftsmanship. Most notably through the leg details which progressively get more ornate as you work your way around the piece, the same can be seen with in the edge detail of the bench. All off the pads are reversible and interchangeable within their own sets. The individual pads comprise of a number of different fabrics and combinations of fabrics to create unique collages which change when reversed. The fabrics range from tweeds, silks and felts (which have been quilted with contrast stitching)

All the pieces names are cockney rhyming slang or English expressions that relate to the design or function of the piece. For example “Here & There” means chair but also can relate to the fact that there are two possible seats the bench or the windsor chair.

Bees & Honey comprises of a console (71.5″ W by 22″D by 24″H) complemented with a marble honeycomb shelving unit and powder coated hanging storage box with floating shelf.