Chantilly lace vs. rubber bands
Fox fur vs Felt
Bell, Project IMA, IN:spired; Top fashion award at Indianapolis Museum of Art, 2012
Bell, Project IMA, IN:spired; Top fashion award at Indianapolis Museum of Art, 2012

I am extremely honored that my new design Bell received the top award of Project IMA: IN:spired: Elizabeth and Stephen Taylor Fashion Design Award@ Indianapolis Museum of Art. For my current entry I found inspiration in the evening dress by Norman Norell. Intrigued and inspired by the Chantilly lace that Norman Norell used, I created my own version of the delicate net by using only black rubber bands.
In creating Bell I didn’t use any tools, but my fingers. Thousands of rubber bands are knotted, interlocked, twisted together and assembled in order to create the unique texture of the garment. Looking for a fusion of past and present I’ve chosen to pay respect in this way and to give modern interpretation of the Chantilly lace and artistic techniques associated with creating the fabric, all done by hand only.
Norell used fox fur to trim the lampshade-shaped top of the evening dress. Half a century later, and living in different environment, I decided to interpret his design by using colorful industrial felt scrap circles. The felt that I used is 100% wool – biodegradable and renewable material. I used color on purpose to bring cheer in the ensemble. The white, red and green color circles of the trim are attached by rubber bands to the rest of the top. When the model moves they dance with each and every step. The colorful elements at the edge remind small bells that “sing” with color and enhanced the meaning of the name and shape of the dress.In my work I am inspired both by the artistic and cultural heritage of the couture, and also I am highly intrigued by innovative fashion designers who changed the shape and the mood of fashion; by Norman Norell, in particular and his geometrical forms and shapes and attention to detail. I wish my designs to be truly generous and poetic, to merge textile, geography, art and architectural references.