Slow food processor
A unique design
Product semantics born from functionality
The pestle balances perfectly
Attention to details and choice of materials

Bella mortar and pestle has been launched on Kickstarter.


The innovation for Bella comes from considering the user experience. The rubber ring provides shock absorption and grip whilst allowing the angle of the stainless steel bowl to be adjusted during use to avoid fatigue.
The bowl can also be hand held to provide extra force. This makes it easier to pour ingredients out and for cleaning.
Ridges on the grinding surface of the pestle and surface texture of the bowl ensure efficient grinding.
Attention to detail and use of materials ensure that it looks great in the kitchen and doesn’t have to be put away.
Materials are either recyclable and or renewable.
Michael Hoppe is an industrial designer at Hop Design based in Sydney, Australia.
He teaches industrial design at UTS [University of Technology Sydney]