The POS1T1ON Collective was founded at the beginning of 2010 through the initiative of five friends working in different fields of the design industry. Their goal is to perform complex design tasks (branding, graphics, image, furniture, packaging, web, and interior design) by capitalising on the multifaceted knowledge of the team. They have already collaborated on a number of occasions with representatives of other artistic fields; their most recent project was a furniture collection created together with Je Suis Belle. Established in 2005, Je Suis Belle is one of the best known Hungarian fashion brands – the creations of its designer duo are internationally acclaimed.

The fundamental goal of this cooperation is to create a functional family of furniture items along the concept jointly developed by the two brands, serving the needs of everyday comfort. The basic elements of the design were inspired by traditional furniture forms, preserving their functions and formal schemas. A path of creativity, reinterpretation and analysis led to the aesthetic details expressed in the quality of materials, in surfaces and structures, which are present in every item of the BELLEPOSITION collection. During the design and creation process, the use of quality materials (solid walnut, wool felt, cotton) and elaborately crafted details were key aspects. Traditional technologies – the classic craft of joinery and the folk technique of surface design, the smocking – are contrasted by innovative ones, such as LED lighting and acid-treated mirror surfaces. 
?Their goal is to place on the market a Hungarian product that is able to cope with international competition as well.