Bench #15 from Series #1 - front view
Bench #15 from Series #1 - angled front view
Bench #15 from Series #1 - back view
Bench #15 from Series #1 - detail showing the stacked sapele seat and the curved concrete leg
Bench #15 from Series #1 - construction: the rough shape has been established
Bench #15 from Series #1 - construction: alternate view showing the half back and the pre oxidized color of the sapele

Bench #15 is the latest in Nico Yektai’s series of handmade sculptural benches. The sweeping curves of the white cast concrete legs help establish gestural movement that is characteristic of his work. Yektai says; “I wanted this bench to capture tension similar to that of an animal being photographed mid step.” The half back of the bench adds to the composition by creating a diagonal relationship to the curved concrete leg at the other end. The wood is oxidized sapele and serves as a contrast to the bone white of the cast elements. Bench #15 has the sculptural presence and energy to be the focal point of any room that it is in.

Sapele, Stainless Steel, White Cast Concrete 32″H x 87″W x 17″D