Three new projects are the fruits of an intensive year long collaboration between Artifort and Khodi Feiz.

Beso Chair Program:
Beso, Spanish for ‘kiss’, is an innovative chair program including a chair, an armchair and a barstool. The main inspiration reflects a production approach that is economical without compromising on design or comfort. ‘The notion of lightness, flexibility and comfort is what I like about this collection of chairs.’ explains Feiz. ‘The Beso takes an innovative approach to construction and upholstery, allowing us to dress the chairs very simply using a hidden zipper system.’ Beso is available in a wide range of upholstery and base options, which makes it the perfect addition to any interior.

Bras Easy Chair and Bras Wood:
The Bras Easy Chair is the much-anticipated addition to the Bras collection. This compact
and informal armchair was originally designed to complement the Bras sofa. ‘When we designed the Bras sofa, the striking feature was its unique armrest’, explains designer Khodi Feiz. ‘Arms don’t bend straight, but rather in a more angular manner. The Bras Easy Chair is a new invitation to make yourself comfortable: the armrest follows the natural curve of your bent arm. A ‘comfortable embrace’ is a good way to describe the feeling of this snug armchair.’

Bras Wood is the addition of a distinctive wooden feet design to the highly acclaimed Bras sofa collection, completing the program with an up-to-date and warm impression.

Balans Small Tables:
Balans is a series of small tables designed with a delicately balanced interplay of natural wood and beautifully coloured plateaus. These affordable tables come flat-packed in a small box, which you assemble in a simple and playful manner.


Beso Easy Chair and Beso Armchair

Beso Chair Program

Beso Wooden Base Family

Beso Initial Sketches

Bras Easy Chair top view

Bras Easy Chair front view

Bras Wood

Balans Small Table

Balans simple assembly

Balans Initial Sketch