sketch lampshade

I graduated from the Design Academy Eindhoven. My interests have always been pop art. This is for the products witch are used and the way of thinking. Also, I am always attracted by recycling. In January 2012 I started Boomdesign. My main goal is: to contribute to the world’s problems with other people. It should start whit yourself and small. After the start of my company i had a long period of research. After that period i had a concept. I’m working with plastic cups because, they represent plastic, there are even plastic islands in the ocean, and they stand also for clean drinking-water. Here I add light to as a symbol of hope. So i’m developing a lighting line to promote awareness of the problems and to make a contribution. It seems mass production but each lamp is made ??by myself, this gives an extra dimension. Besides this, I also deliver quality and aesthetics. The design is minimalist and simple held. In this way you create real contribution of the buyer and the lamp serves only as a reminder.

What I have sent to you are the first sketches after a long period of research.