I have somethimg you don´t have, Innovations and Inventions for Science Fiction Movies.

All my life I´ve been investigating (((evolution))) of innovations higt-tech furniture
futuristic robotics, shoes, clothes, sunglasses, watches, movies, harir style, magazines, people that are in the process of becoming famous, weapons, knifes, lamps, motors, cars, planes, electronics, hardware, software, I have a world of innovations that don´t exsit yet.

I deal with a lot of designs and in which will help the quality of life in all countries at the same time. Today society doesn´t care about innovations, no one responds or calls, as almost If russan nation has already obtained a huge company to put together designs center and offer innovations and inventions to local companies as well as internacional.
But I have bad luck, I was born in a country filled with thieves for this reason no one advances, thus the innovations are not sought after, the designs I offer are similar to the Unite State, Germany, Switzerland, Noriga, Saudi Arabia andChina.

You think you know the future??? Let me tell you that you don´t know anything yet, not even close to know, in my dreans I see the future, I was there.
Have you seen it before ??? you still haven´t seen what I have to offer, you are only seeing crumbs, I have over 300 years on the future, who can do that??? I can !!!

I don´t look for fame, I would only like to offer innovations of designers that don´t even exsist yet. I have infinit designes on my web page. If you don´t respect this condition don´t call me plaese, for this reason I don´t charge much. If you multiply the quantity of designs I have for 500 dollers, I would be a millionare.
You want to know the trusth, no one can invent innovations so awesome, If you look at the showers I offer you are going to realice I don´t lie, I am only a simple observer of the future and my visions bring what I see every day.

If you want the best of the best you already know where to find me.
If you want to contact me, I will be waiting for an answer, If you don´t answer me, I don´t care, it´s the same for me, this is my final email that I will send I tired of sending email with out answers. What I have to offer is special, no body offers things like this, I have more than 100 Top Designers from all parts of the World that don´t even exsist and more 64.000 designs or 82 gigabites.

PS: I know that you wont loose, you don´t even know because you can´t see in the future.

I send here new designs, I ask for 500 dollers for each designs and you would send me the money through Western Union Company, If you want rights it would be 3.000 dollers each, thank you, I will be waiting for an answer, sensiourly.
PS: I know that you wont loose, you don´t even know because you can´t see in the future.

Fernando Daniel Alvarez
Tandil, Buenos Aires, Argentina