Main interior space
privacy/sunscreen elevation
privacy/sunscreen detail

The two houses on a corner site were inspired by the volumes and textures of the Spanish Mission house that previously occupied the site. The previous stuccoed fence has been stripped back and given a new wet dash treatment, the vertical lines of the terracotta parapet are replaced by standing seam cladding. Other materials have been deliberately selected for their graceful patina.
The west-facing screen that conceals the bedroom windows of the southern house is derived from the traditional Moorish Spanish design and pays further homage to the previous house on the site.

Both due to the orientation and access of the site both houses have deliberately different floor plans and present to the street as individual houses rather than a traditional pair of townhouses.

The northern houses takes advantage of the only northern aspect of the site with dining and living areas opening directly to the main outdoor area through a 4 panel sliding glass door.

The southern houses is far more introspective, the main living and dining area is flanked by east and west glazing sliding panels allowing the 6m wide interior to expand visually and physically to the entire width of the property providing direct interaction and engagement with the two private landscaped areas.