Big Knob designed by Elizabeth Salonen
Wooden handles are split horizontally in the center
Oversized drawer handles on Big Knob give its big personality

Big Knob is designed by Elizabeth Salonen, Finnish Industrial Designer of the Year 2012, as awarded by Finnish design association Ornamo. Big Knob is a contemporary low storage cabinet with sculptural wooden knobs. Oversized drawer handles are the focal point, and give the piece its big personality. When you open the drawer, you’re surprised to find the knobs are split horizontally in the center.

Made from solid ash, the cabinet has a frame with mitered corners that highlight craftsmanship and attention to detail. The cabinet has been soaped to subtly lighten the wood while allowing the natural wood grain to show through. All finishes are ecological and non-toxic. Big Knob is part of a series that includes horizontal and vertical units.

Big Knob was produced by woodworking students at Omnia where they work in cooperation with renowned Finnish designers.