teraction between the bike & it’s rider. This concept is a result of an investigation into the possibilities and challenges of a bicycle-human hybrid.

In a not-so-far future, fuel shortage and long-term financial instability has led to a shift in personal transportation. The main mode of transportation for most people now is the bicycle. Cars have become less common and are primarily used by the upper class. The ongoing environmental pollution and degradation has reached a point where it is safer to wear breathing masks and exposure to the environment needs to be monitored. In this future, the bicycle is now considered the ultimate symbol of an individual’s social status and expression.

The megacities have become breeding grounds for a number of bicycle-focused subcultures. One of these sub-cultures that has developed combines aspects of cyberpunk & DIY hardware-hacking with their personally modified bikes.

They call themselves BikeBorgs.

BikeBorgs are physically connected to their bike. The connection enables the transferring of data & energy between the rider and the bicycle. The bike generates energy from the rider in the form of body heat & cycling power in order to create a self sustaining system.

Through the use of open-source hardware and software, BikeBorgs are able to modify their bicycles to include different sensors and actuators based on their individual needs. Modifications can include adding sensor to measure the level of pollutants that the individual has been exposed to or adding lights to enhance hand signals.