Object description: BIOSTORIA – Project unique shops, the range of which is 90% of the products with certificates of BIO. Shop includes everything – from milk and bread
to detergents and cosmetics. Bread and pastries are prepared in his own bakery in the store.
Also on the shelves you can find a lot of products of Russian farmers who have received similar certificates of Russian environmental nonprofit partnerships. Production of such farmers revised from regular basis.

The basic design concept: the desire to bring your customers to the brand philosophy: sustainability, naturalness, freshness.
All materials, decorative items used in the project environmentally friendly.
With the most recognizable elements of nature that surrounds us, it created basic style elements of interior.
The project is not a standard commercial equipment, except refrigerators.
Shelving, island cabinets, cash register – and all the other elements are made with natural materials. All bearing shelving made from the trunks of pine trees, with great difficulty, collected throughout the area.
For the production of a promotional table tops used stone.
The panels are made of solid wood, made in our workshop. We are working with each individual element, process it manually, and integrated.
Decorative elements in the form of lawn grass, complete naturalness and sense of finding a person in the modern garden.