ODDO architects have designed a bird feeder for an observation of birds in a garden. Watching of birds – colors, shapes, sounds is full of glamour and also inspiring as an observation of fashion models. Therefore architects came up with an idea of runway where birds may demonstrate own beauty as woman models during a fashion show with a traditional „catwalk“.

This solution gives more possibilities to watch birds as an attraction in a garden. Male birds sometimes use this bird feeder runway as a good opportunity to impress females by „birdwalk“. After an observation of birds ODDO architects have realized no difference between catwalk and birdwalk in terms of demonstration of beauty.

ODDO architects : Marek Obtulovic, Mai Lan Chi
photo credit: Daniel Livecka


bird feeder "birdwalk"

conceptual metaphor - catwalk vs birdwalk

the traditional appearance with conceptual elements

"fashion runway" enables to  demonstrate the beauty of birds

feeding space

the peep-hole window