Formosan Black Bear wooden figures
Polar Bear wooden figures
ormosan Black Bear wooden figures & Polar Bear wooden  figures
Big Panda Bear wooden figures

Play with wooden bears! Taiwanese Zodiac Figures Series designed by
Mufun are a series of fun and demountable wooden bears, made out of
European beech.

The Formosan Black Bear figures and the Polar Bear figures released
this year is extremely special.

Not only can you rearrange the heads and limbs, but you may also piece
them into the hidden edition- “Big Panda Bear figures” with the plastic
fasteners attached to the ears and abdomen as well as the additional bonus
panda blinders that come with the polar bear figures.

Based on the Taiwan endemic species, the “Formosan Black Bear”, we take
in the perspective of ecological environment and endangered species by
discussing the mutual conditions which the protected bear species has
encountered and creating two world famous bears, the “Polar Bear” and the
“Big Panda Bear”. We entrust our products with fun, cultural features and
expect to stimulate ecological awareness through our works.

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