Black Sheep Camp - General view
Black Sheep Camp - Black Wash Wool
Black Sheep Camp - Black Lunch
Black Sheep Camp - White Chair

Objects to experiment in order to become a black sheep.

How can the designer, aware of his power of discipline, shapes the behaviors of tomorrow ?

Discipline is a subjective word that relates to conditioning, submission, rules, control, and freedom. Playing the game of discipline is always a reality of life.

To explore the link which exist between disciplining people behavior and design, Alexandre Humbert (Maurice + Paula) decide to build a camp which will help you to achieve your fantasy : becoming a black sheep, but also to give to the design world a new field of action : creating behavior.

The Black Sheep Camp is compose by 4 hierarchical elements, increasing the discipline degree in the follow order :

1- Make your choice, the main entrance of the camp, the place where you take you decision
the place where you agree to be disciplined, once you cross it, you can’t go back.

2- Black Wash Wool, the first step, a tunnel of real black wool to experiment the washing in the body of a black sheep.

3- Black Lunch, a table for 5 people to learn how to eat as the perfect black sheep,
the place where you get discipline in a group as an individual. Everyone is own is on a box waiting for the cooker to give you the meal.

4- White Chair, Once you seat on it, you can’t get out of it by yourself, you need to ask someone else to help you or to break it. This is the final object of the camp, the object that you can bring with you at home in order to finish your camp formation but also to continue your “black sheep discipline” at your own place.

The Black Sheep Camp was present at the Graduation Show 2013, Self – Unself, of the Design Academy Eindhoven.