Antoni Arola

We all know that the energy efficiency of LED is very good (little consumption with high luminance) and that its duration is very long (practically inexhaustible). But we also know that, because of its straight directionality, the light of the LED can easily dazzle whoever is looking at it and become very uncomfortable. It is therefore necessary to domesticate its application and take better advantage of its great benefits.

In collaboration with the Korean Fawoo (which holds the relevant patents) Santa & Cole entrusted Antoni Arola with creating a collection of “luminous objects”, both table-top and applicable to the wall, consisting of thin metal casings, 1 cm thick, which house “sheets” of methacrylate on two of whose opposite sides are accommodated strips of LED focused toward the centre (Lumisheet). The internal surface of each sheet is woven with micro incisions by laser, more subtle on the edges and deeper toward the centre, thus achieving a plane with a certain concavity which is lit up homogeneously. The result is impeccably efficient and beautiful.

BlancoWhite is created as a series of six models with essential shapes, usable as table-top bookcases and luminous shelves, occasional wall lamps or lighting composition systems, destined to play a leading role in our daily life. A new form of lighting which immediately convinces the user thanks to its quality and technology.