I have a new project that has just recently gone public – if you have a chance, it would be great if you could take a look, give me your thoughts, and let me know if its something that Murse Game is interested in writing about.

The project – Blank Brand Bags & Accessories – is in the early stages of a Kickstarter campaign, and so far has been very well received.

A little about the project and the bags:
Blank Brand is a company based in Portland, Oregon, that focuses on designing and producing functional, attainable, and locally made bags and accessories. The current bag started as a personal project to fill the need for a bag that could change and adapt to the various needs of life. The bag – and supporting system of interchangeable tablet & laptop sleeves – is flexible enough to take on just about any function from business meeting, to grocery run, to playtime at the park (and is a white bag that is pretty hard to get dirty).

All materials are upcycled and/or locally sourced whenever possible, and all production work is being done at Sppoltown, a small sewing factory located here in Portland.

For those interested in getting something from Blank Brand, the best place is the current Kickstarter, which has wide variety of rewards ranging from a Wallet, Sleeve, and/or Bag, to a nearly all-inclusive trip to Portland to be immersed in the process & culture of Portland, and the production of the bags.

Thank you so much for your time.