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In our days, we know that every single penny saved, no matter how small it is, is as important as the biggest bill. Grain after grain you can create a mountain big enough that might help you out in more than one tight spots. Conscious of this, Vandidoo has decided to trust the young studio QMAD for the design of its new product: Blob.

Blob is an unusual money box handcrafted in ceramic. It is mainly designed for that money that gradually fills our pockets at the end of the day which can get lost in drawers or dropped at the floor of the room.
Thanks to its particular design, Blob can be hanged in any place of the room or inside the wardrobe. Once it is in a safe place, away from furtive hands, the user can insert the money left each day so they can gift themselves with a small whim during the weekend.

The money box has an organic and natural shape thanks to its production completely handcrafted. Also, they bet for a lasting product so you can recover the money saved without breaking it and buying a new one.