There are several products for Kukka™
Please see below description:
Blocks came up while I was playing with my kids building towers from wooden blocks
I am often inspired by playing with kids; their world of imagination fascinates me
With its simplicity and impulsivity
I wanted to create a range of products for working people using simple geometry, primitive shapes and natural materials
Blocks are composed out of four basic shapes, modulated together they create a range of products.
Each is made out of solid Beech wood, no finish applied to it as symbolically I wanted it to darken with time
Because of their modularity sets can be created and the basic product becomes robust
Blocks are packed each individually inside a natural felt case which is a biodegradable material that can be used as secondary object.

This product is a simple lamp shade Made out of non woven fabric, 100% NOMEX and snap fasteners. I wanted to create the simplest lamp shade, cheapest to produce, easy to assemble with no structure so all it involves is cutting the fabric, seam it, put snap fasteners.
Nomex is Flame proof material and poor heat conductor.
The fabric is commonly used in firefighter’s suits, working gloves…
I collaborated with a company that produce decorative nomex so it literally looks like cotton but has totally different properties. The fabric is elastic so you can shape it by hand.
The fabric fibers are very dense and so the glare from the light bulb is very smooth
The snap fasteners are great way to join one Felucca to the other and create a bigger volume of Felucca

DIY lamp
6 screws & 7 beech wood pieces & lamp holder & cable & traditional desk lamp shape, are creating the complete do it yourself lamp.
Do it yourself lamp is nothing but a lamp, made out of traditional materials, assembled traditionally. Yet, its design it delicate and elegant, a refine ready made.
The 7 wood pieces are playful and designed to be modulated together on assembly so that the lamp shape and function, changes.
Its natural appearance reflects also its name “DIY”, it can be painted, lacquered, easily sanded if get dirty or just got darken with time or simply left as is.
Its assembly is very simple and illustrated on the packaging box
Material: Beech wood
Finish: natural
Cable: Over braided B/W, Red, Black, twisted Grey, twisted Blue.
Size: 535x430x100 mm

DIY lamp wall
The same pieces as DIY lamp but a different base; To use as wall light, surface, ceiling, its shape is modular and playful and can be wired directly to the wall or comes with plug and hand switch
Material: Beech wood
Finish: natural
Cable: Over braided B/W, Red, Black, twisted Grey, twisted Blue.Size: 535x430x8

Lastra collection (Lastra, 400.45, 390.40)
Lastra collection is part of the next generation for domestic sustainable ‘green light’. The technology of LEDs chip on board has important implications on energy consumption and maintenance of the light.
Nur is a collection of desk lights for reading or environmental/decorative applications. The lamps are made from one folded sheet of Aluminium in order to minimize the design by using the same material, while the geometry of the lamps sustains the elegant structure.
The technology we use
The warm white LEDs are Luxeon Emitter power source, which are energy efficient (5W) and ultra compact, combining the lifetime and reliability advantages of Light Emitting Diodes with the brightness of conventional lighting (80 lumen).