2 Furniture units. 12+ functions
2 Chairs
Coffee table
Dinning table
Chair and side table
Stack of 2 Blockworks Units
Table and Chairs
Chairs in Red

Instantly Transform Your Space with the Adaptable Furniture System, Blockworks

Need an extra table or chair? Just pull apart and snap back together one of the Blockworks foot rests, coffee tables, shelves or end tables. Give unlimited functionality to any room in your home or apartment with the new, innovative furniture system.

These furniture units can adapt to anything you need; from a full couch to a full dinning table, to a small child’s chair, Blockworks can instantly transform any space in minutes. “They are like LEGOS for adults,” says Product Designer James Hixson. Designed with apartments, small houses or dorms in mind, Blockworks is an innovative solution for those seeking to maximize their space.

Use it for what you need and when you need it. If you need to quickly store or move your furniture, Blockworks can stack neatly into a cube and then be stashed away. But in addition to its flexibility, Blockworks is also strong and durable. Handcrafted in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, Blockworks is built to last.

Blockworks furniture has a patent pending joint system that is incredibly strong, yet quickly removable. Each furniture unit has a series of slots that allows a cartridge to join multiple pieces together in an infinite variety of ways. The blocks can be stacked, flipped and connected in an endless variety of ways for countless options. “This takes modular furniture to a whole different level; Blockworks is truly transformable,” says Hixson.

After living in New York City’s East Village, Hixson was frustrated by the lack of functionality in his furniture. In an effort to save space, money, and resources, he started deconstructing his furniture, much to his wife’s dismay. After multiple prototypes, he finally invented a shape and mechanism that would allow for infinite options in the furniture. Now based in Denver, Colorado, Hixson started Black Hound Design Company, a custom woodworking and furniture studio, and recently launched the Blockworks line.

“Why should a chair only ever be a chair?” wonders Hixson. “We should expect more from our furniture.”