Wesley Dudok 'Blood diamond' #0

With the hype of diamond shaped products like lamps, mirrors or patterns on clothing and almost
every other product you can imagine, Wesley Dudok also made a diamond shaped object, only one on
a whole different level. which might not be as fabulous as the other products, which is more
statement then useful.

With the gracefulness that can be overwhelming of a diamond, people easily forget that not all
diamonds are found under good conditions. Some of those diamonds are mined in war zones and
sold to finance an insurgency under the worst circumstances. Where people get neglected, beaten
and some even pay by life for those diamonds. So what is the true value of a diamond, considering all
the human lifes being involved?
Blood diamond is a puzzle made out of 100 steel plates, that are each 1 millimeter thick. These are
arranged and assembled to make a table cut shaped diamond.
Every piece is like a razor sharp blade which can be independently rotated 360 degrees. Each piece
needs to be puzzled into the right position to get the right shape, but while turning the pieces you
probably get your hand sliced open while you searching your own ‘valuable’ diamond. For you its just
little cuts and some spilled blood, but you can’t even imagine how it compares with a real blood
diamond. After the puzzle you probably will be looking at a diamond differently, so how far will you

Dimensions: 100 millimeters by 100 millimeters / Material: steel / designed by Wesley Dudok

Wesley Dudok