Pre-ferment dome:  CO2 produced by the fermenting starter dough filters up to nourish herbs in the above dome. The pre-ferment dome celebrates the subtle symbiotic relationship between living foods - feeding, watering and growing our daily bread
Mixing board:  Mixing, kneading and cutting are all made possible in this simple yet functional  board. Once baked, the bread can be left to cool on the removable cooling rack. The mixing board is the foundation of the baking life cycle - the beginning and the end of our daily bread making process.
Rising container:  The non-stick silicone lid and acrylic base encourage you to notate the evolution of your baking skills as the bread is left to rise. The rising container highlights the complex relationship between the surrounding environment, and the physical and temporal aspects of baking our daily bread.
Terracotta oven stone:  Both porous and heat retaining, the terracotta stone presents itself as the ideal material for baking bread. The oven stone provides the perfect alter to celebrate the baking of bread as the ultimate stage in the fermenting process, making that final oven spring possible.
Magnetic digital thermometer:  The 'no switch' activation and magnetised base establish the digital thermometer as a kitchen necessity. It highlights environment and ingredient temperatures to be a vital factor in the art of baking.

Drawing inspiration from the Japanese tea ceremony, ‘Bloom’ explores the art of domestic bread making as a living process. It embraces the performance of bread making by emphasizing the temporal and physical kitchen ceremonies involved in baking. ‘Bloom’ celebrates these subtle processes and recovers the lost rituals of our daily bread.