Bloom floor lamp
overview and close-up
four variations of Bloom
Bloom with all petals pointing down
Bloom in environment
Bloom's silhouette
Bloom On in dark room close-up
Bloom On in dark room - detail of partly covered light bulb
Bloom's flare

– Bloom is a floor lamp, whose shade can be modeled into many diferent shapes.

– It is made of a matt black metalic foil, that allows for a variety of sculptural expressions.

– You can change the direction of light to suit different needs in different spaces. You can also set the intensity of the light, by controling how much surface of the lightbulb is visible (as you can see in the video).

– It features a metal stand, a 3d-printed connector piece and a metalic foil.

– The collection will be extended to accomodate also ceiling and table versions.