A branding project for a high efficiency dust mask that is the first choice for many professionals.
In Japan, it is common to wear a mask to prevent the inhalation of dust or viruses through the nose or mouth. The main feature of this product is the combination of 10 layers of mesh (12 layers with the high-end version), each developed to meet a range of applications, leveraging the manufacturer’s expertise in manufacturing industrial filters.

The various applications for the mesh include: removing dust and viruses, shielding against radioactive materials, holding the 3D shape, odour elimination, acting like a pump that facilitates respiration, dehumidification and humidification to maintain the humidity at an appropriate level. This is why the brand was named “bo-bi” originating from the Japanese word “bobi” to signify the feature “to protect” in various ways, and the icon was comprised of a ring divided into 10 parts to signify the 10-tier structure of the mesh. These are not disposable masks and are reusable with up to 100 washes, so a portable soft case was designed at the same time. The case looks like an open mouth when pressed open, enables ease of removal and replacement of the mask with one hand, and makes it possible to carry the mask while maintaining its three-dimensional form.

Until now masks had to be put into a laundry net to be washed. However, the case itself is made of a material that plays the role of a laundry net, adding the function of being able to wash the mask while still inside the case.

The material for the section of the mask that touches the face was changed to one that prevents makeup from rubbing off, and that is smooth to the touch with a matt finish. The product line-up consists of three types: the regular model, the high end “pro” model that shields against radioactive materials with coarser mesh arranged in the front to provide a high-level representation of the product’s functionality, and the “slim” model that enables a calorie consumption of about 200~400 kcal a day by giving a moderate load while breathing.

Disposable versions are also available for each type, and they feature a new frame that is rounded at the bottom of the main body to better fit the shape of the face.

Photos by Akihiro Yoshida