Image of Board
Image of Board

Simplicity, Sociality, Freedom: these are the features defining Board, Snaidero’s latest project developed in collaboration with architect Pietro Arosio.

The project stems from the profound reflection imposed on the company by the radical changes in living needs and the difficult global economic trend: as a result, the design research began to focus on more accessible solutions that are easier to design, customise, purchase and inhabit. Though seemingly straightforward, this concept required a huge effort within the company in order to shift the focus towards services and quality.

Board specifically aims to offer an industrial solution to the evolution in the contemporary housing industry, which tends to increasingly propose and build compact environments, shared spaces with freely configured interiors that are bright and open, without any functional constraints and geared towards new levels of environmental quality. Snaidero’s solution yet again reflects a tangible design concept featuring excellent aesthetic and functional solutions, yet tailored to limited space requirements that call for flexible and highly customisable industrial solutions.

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